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Dessert First: Coco Safar

With a pastry counter, chocolate shop, rooibos brewery and some of the best coffee in the world? Welcome to dessert wonderland!

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Chocolate Éclairs with Tiramisu Filling

The best choux pastry recipe to make delicate éclairs filled with mascarpone cream and coffee filling and topped with chocolate

Peppermint Crisp Tart Éclairs

The perfect eclair recipe stuffed with a South African classic – peppermint crisp chocolate, tinned caramel and coconut Tennis biscuits!

Dessert First: Coco Safar

With a pastry counter, chocolate shop, rooibos brewery and some of the best coffee in the world? Welcome to dessert wonderland!

Lemon Raspberry Wedding Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Can a dessert blogger and a pastry chef trust someone else to make their wedding cake? Nope! We made our own, of course!

Funfetti Gingerbread House

Welcome to the house of fun where the roof has chocolate tiles and the walls are made of lightly spiced gingerbread with loads of sprinkles!

Speckled Vanilla Cake with Marshmallow Easter Egg Filling

A classic vanilla sponge sandwiched together with marshmallow Easter egg frosting and topped with speckled eggs – swoon!

Hot Cross Cinnamon Buns for Easter

A wonderfully soft and fluffy bun recipe that combines the best parts of a cinnamon roll and a hot cross bun!

Coffee and Cardamom Instant Soft Serve

This almost-instant soft serve ice cream is made in a food processor or blender – so easy!

Triple Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt

For those days when one kind of chocolate just won’t cut it, this velvety tart has three kinds of ganache!

Baked Chocolate Mousse Cake with Spiced Clementines

This is gooey, chocolatey, messy, shove-your-entire-face-in-it good. Oh, and it’s a source of Vitamin C!

Granadilla Fridge Tart

With just a packet of jelly, some coconut biscuits and a tin of condensed milk you can make this incredible fridge tart recipe by Zola Nene!

Red Velvet Raspberry Sweetie Pies

A sexy red velvet spin on a South African favourite; a biscuit topped with marshmallow and covered with chocolate!

One Cup Yoghurt Passionfruit Cake

This ridiculously easy, moist cake is made by measuring with nothing other than the tub the yoghurt comes in!

4 Doughnut Recipes You Knead In Your Life

Doughnut you know it’s Doughnut Day? Deep-fried carbs covered in sugar are my BEST and here are my favourites

Rosé Champagne Chiffon Cake

A light-as-air sponge cake rolled up and filled with tart raspberry jam and a velvety, rich, boozy buttercream spiked with rosé bubbly – a showstopper!

Le Creuset’s New Sorbet Collection

With a colour palette that is just pastel perfection, the new sorbet collection is ice cream goals!

No-Churn Amarula Ice Cream Cake with Malted Chocolate Balls

A super-easy no-churn ice cream made with just cream and condensed milk!

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

The softest, silkiest baked chocolate cheesecake you will ever make – plus all the secrets to get the perfect velvety texture.

Chocolate Peanut Butterscotch Milkshake

Ah freakshakes, how I love thee?! You’re 5 desserts in 1 and that’s probably why you’re so delicious!

Watercolour Vanilla Birthday Cake

A bright and cheerful butter cake to celebrate The Kate Tin’s 7th Birthday! Hooray!

Salted Caramel Baguette

This crusty, chewy homemade bread is made with caramel – best served warm with lashings of butter (which is good ‘cos it won’t last long enough to get cold!)

Caramel Puff Pastry Cream Horns

You’ll need: puff pastry, tinned caramel, cream and sugar PLUS I’ve got a handy hack if you don’t have cream horn moulds!

Homemade Rose Turkish Delight

Sugar, gelatine, rose water and a little magic are all you need to make your very own delicious Turkish Delight!

Chocolate Cinnamon Easter Bunny Milkshakes

A hollow chocolate Easter bunny is the perfect vessel for a spicy, boozy milkshake to sip on!

Brown Butter Pancakes with No-Churn Chestnut Ice Cream

Crispy buttery pancakes topped with an easy soft-serve style chestnut ice cream and spiced pecans

Tea-Glazed Brioche Doughnut Bites

You’ve heard of coffee and doughnuts, but have you tried tea and doughnuts? Because you need to!

Colour of the Year Cake & Homemade Sprinkles

Inspired by the 2018 Colour of the Year, here’s how to make your own sprinkles so your cakes are on-trend!

Blueberry Crumble Bars

A buttery shortbread base, jammy blueberry filling and crisp crumbly topping make these easy to make AND even easier to eat!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Sometimes nothing beats a classic and these red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are perfection!

Homemade Crunchies (Chocolate Honeycomb)

You’re just 5 ingredients away from making your own homemade honeycomb dipped in chocolate!

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