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Hi, my name is Katelyn Williams – I am obsessed with baking and I sugarcoat everything. Literally! Ever heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’? Well, if that’s true, then that makes me awfully sweet. The Kate Tin is my happy place – a baking blog dedicated to recipes, desserts, treats and all things decadent and indulgent.

You know that little voice inside your head that says, ‘Hey, let’s go a little crazy and have another slice of cake. It has carrots in it, so, basically it’s a salad, right?’ Well, The Kate Tin IS that little voice – with recipes that will take care of every kind of craving you’ll ever have! And I would know, because I’ve sacrificed my waistline to bring you the naughtiest, most decadent and indulgent cakes, cookies and all sorts of deliciousness of your dreams! may be your diet’s worst nightmare, but it is my sweet escape. The name comes from a silly nickname I was given by friends and family who thought it was terribly clever to twist my name – and it kind of stuck. I not only inherited the family sweet tooth but also the rare talent of finishing a tin of condensed milk in record time. My earliest memory is of baking a cake. It was a mud cake made with my sister, from the dirt of the farm that we grew up on in George, but in my mind it was the most incredible chocolate cake ever invented and it sparked an intense love of baking. While I trained as a professional chef and spent some time in hotel and restaurant kitchens, I realised what I really loved was to create easy recipes that get from the making part to the eating part as quickly as possible!

So, if you devour a chocolate slab in your car and hide the wrapper before you get home just so you don’t have to share; or if enjoying a tin of condensed milk means punching two holes on either side with a can opener; if you eat a sweetie pie by digging out the marshmallow with your finger and you’re okay with me telling you why it’s perfectly acceptable to layer Nutella on top of shortbread and top it off with salted caramel, then you’ve come to the right, judgement-free place.

Now, put on your stretchy pants people, because things are about to get a little crazy!


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