– Sweets and Treats –

Millionaire Shortbread Easter Eggs

!These Millionaire Shortbread Easter Eggs look like breakfast, right? Egg-cept they’re loaded with salted caramel sauce and served with buttery shortbread dippers!

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Muscovado Toffees

These chewy toffees are made with dark muscovado sugar which gives the sweets a rich, dark molasses flavour. I also share my tips to perfecting toffee and what dark muscovado sugar really is.

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Cheats Crème Caramel

Forget the caramel, this cheats version of the traditional crème caramel has a clever shortcut which means less work, less waiting and it makes it even more delicious!

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Chocolate Espresso Bliss Balls

With only a handful of ingredients these chocolate espresso bliss balls can be made with or without dates – either way, they’re the perfect breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up!

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Meringue Christmas Tree

This Meringue Christmas tree is an impressive table centrepiece that becomes a DIY pavlova for guests at the end of the meal!

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