To be honest, sometimes I think we have too many food days. It feels like every day is ‘Coconut Macaroon Day’, or ‘Nutty Fudge Day’. You just need to visit Days Of The Year to LOL at some of the more ridiculous ones. But more importantly, who decides these things? Is there a board of directors who sits somewhere and thinks, hang on, let’s make the 3 June Doughnut Day? And do they eat doughnuts while they do it? If so, then I’d like that job, thanks. Despite some of them being a tad ridiculous, I’m all for any excuse to tuck into (Insert relevant sweet, baked treat) on International (Insert relevant sweet, baked treat) Day! So to celebrate Doughnut Day (it’s DOUGHnut not DOnut, thanks) I’ve rounded up my favourite deep-fried sugary carbs – feast your eyes on these babies:

1. Glazed Brioche Doughnuts

You’ll never try another doughnut dough again – it makes doughnuts that are rich, buttery and light!

2. Giant Doughnut Cake with Homemade Sprinkles

This super fun butter cake is shaped like a doughnut, filled with raspberry frosting and decorated with homemade sprinkles