Tahini Chocolate Truffles

Tahini Chocolate Truffles

These tahini chocolate truffles have an halva-like centre which is not too sweet. They can easily be adapted to any flavour!

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Ma’amoul – Three Ways

Ma’amoul – Three Ways

Ma’amoul are filled butter cookies traditionally made with semolina flour. Our version has a decadent twist!

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Russian Honey Cake

Russian Honey Cake

Layers of caramelly honey biscuit are sandwiched together with sour cream to make a buttery Biscoff-like cake.

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Chocolate Chilli Baklava

Chocolate Chilli Baklava

Flaky baklava with a filling of spices, cocoa nibs, almond and dark chocolate, this version is not too sweet and so addictive

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Citrus Chiffon Cake

Light as air and loaded with zesty citrus, it’s hard to find a more perfect cake than a chiffon. It’s also very hard to have just one slice!

Muscovado Pecan Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

An epic drippy cake inspired by the deliciousness of Muscovado sugar and packed with pecan nuts!

Beetroot Cheesecake & Lancewood Cake-Off Competition

A smooth, velvety savoury cheesecake with pumpernickel base topped with a roasted beetroot jelly and crackers.

The Sweet Life Of A Pastry Chef & Opera Cake Recipe

A day in the life of an executive pastry chef at Constance Belle Mare Plage Mauritius is not all white beach and turquoise water!

Chocolate Millionaire Shortbread Cake

A ridiculously moist and rich chocolate cake with the added decadence of shortbread and salted caramel!

Chocolate Truffle Amaretti Cake with Espresso Glaze

A dense, fudgy chocolate cake that’s best served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and an even bigger spoon!

Dessert First: Unframed Ice Cream

You haven’t tasted ice cream until you’ve tasted THIS ice cream. Introducing Cape Town’s best!

Easy No-Churn Watermelon Sorbet

A ridiculously easy and refreshing no-churn watermelon sorbet that can be made in your blender!

No-Churn Amarula Ice Cream Cake with Malted Chocolate Balls

A super-easy no-churn ice cream made with just cream and condensed milk!

Black Forest Pavlova with Chocolate Mousse

Towering layers of crispy, marshmallowy marbled meringue, dark chocolate mousse, whipped cream and syrupy cherries

Chocolate Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Cake

A show-stopper no-churn ice cream cake layered with biscuits, homemade ice cap sauce and frosted mint leaves

Le Creuset’s New Sorbet Collection

With a colour palette that is just pastel perfection, the new sorbet collection is ice cream goals!


An authentic tiramisu recipe made with layers of espresso-soaked ladyfinger biscuits, cocoa powder and a light, fluffy mascarpone cream – it’s a classic for a reason!

Black Brushstroke Cake for Halloween

Black brushstroke cakes are the perfect gothic dessert – this one’s a black velvet cake with jet-black burnt vanilla frosting!

Chocolate Milo Peanut Butter Cake

This cake is my second favourite way of eating milo – other than straight out of the tin with a spoon, of course!

Dripping White Chocolate Candle Cakes

These cakes are made with light eggnog sponge layered with nutmeg buttercream and a white chocolate drip that makes them look just like Christmas candles!

Lemon Meringue Baked Cheesecake

Ever had to choose between pie or cheesecake? Well, now you don’t have to ‘cos you can have both!

Persian Love Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Legend has it that a woman baked this cake for a Persian prince to make him fall in love with her!

Quadruple Chocolate Melt ‘n Mix Cake

A melt ‘n mix white chocolate cake topped with whipped dark chocolate ganache and caramel-chocolate sauce

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

This is my go-to vanilla cupcake recipe with a moist, soft, buttery cake and a light marshmallow frosting that’s fluffy and not too sweet.

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Hi, my name is Katelyn and I sugarcoat everything – literally! You know that little voice inside your head that says, ‘Hey, let’s go a little crazy and have another slice of cake. It has carrots in it, so, basically it’s a salad, right?’ Well, The Kate Tin IS that little voice and it will take care of every kind of craving you’ll ever have! And I would know, because I’ve sacrificed my waistline to bring you the naughtiest, most decadent and indulgent cakes, bakes, cookies and all sorts of deliciousness of your dreams!

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