Excuse me while I get cheesy and shmooshy for a moment and dedicate this post to my beautiful mom. How she put up with me as a child I have no idea! If I look back at the mountains of washing up I used to leave her with, the various sauces and batters that splattered walls and ovens that I left her to clean up and the odd things I made her taste, I honestly don’t know how my sister wasn’t her favourite 😉 Although I used to rope my sister into the cooking shows I hosted in the kitchen as well (she was my trusty assistant (ie partner-in-crime), so that’s probably why! This was the time when Delia Smith was huge (juuuust before Nigella’s slap dash way of cooking arrived) and Delia had all her ingredients neatly measured into a gajillion little bowls – even the ½ tsp of baking powder had it’s own itsy bitsy bowl. So, of course, everything in my cooking show had it’s own bowl too. Which meant a simple one-bowl cake recipe resulted in at least 10 bowls to wash up!
I wanted to make this cake as pretty and naturally beautiful as possible – just like my mom (hey I need brownie points here!). I was so inspired by the delicious unrefined Demerara Icing Sugar that Natura Sugars make which has no colourants or preservatives (it’s unbleached too!) but has a lovely caramel flavour, and while I wanted a pink cake, I didn’t want to add artificial colouring (which would defeat the point!). So I tinted it a pretty pink using a little beetroot juice – a clever (and inexpensive) way of making your own food colouring!
The vanilla cake recipe is a little different – using just egg whites instead of yolks but it’s lovely and moist and with the smashed raspberries in the middle? It’s just the bomb! So if your mom is the bomb, bake her this cake for Mother’s Day this weekend – I can’t promise it will make up for all the naughty things you did as a child, but it’s so delicious it will make her temporarily forget about them! x