The brushstroke cake is one of my favourite trends! Why? Because literally anyone can do it.

Brushstroke cakes have taken over our instagram feeds and I couldn’t be happier. Unlike some of the other cake decorating trends, this one is easy to nail. First we wanted them draped in fondant (ugh). Then we wanted them naked (ugh again). Then came the drip cakes (still kinda love this one), hypnotic mirror-glazes (pretty but tricky) and the unicorn obsession (please no) that we’re all still trying to mentally recover from. If you’re sick of unicorns, then I’m happy to tell you that they’ll be going back to the magical place they came from.

Image of a plain white cake ready to be turned into a brushstroke cake
STEP 1: Make your favourite cake recipe (this is mine), frost it all over then refrigerate.
Image of decorations for the brushstroke cake - pink, purple and yellow chocolate brushstrokes on a baking tray