The brushstroke cake is one of my favourite trends! Why? Because literally anyone can do it.

Brushstroke cakes have taken over our instagram feeds and I couldn’t be happier. Unlike some of the other cake decorating trends, this one is easy to nail. First we wanted them draped in fondant (ugh). Then we wanted them naked (ugh again). Then came the drip cakes (still kinda love this one), hypnotic mirror-glazes (pretty but tricky) and the unicorn obsession (please no) that we’re all still trying to mentally recover from. If you’re sick of unicorns, then I’m happy to tell you that they’ll be going back to the magical place they came from.

STEP 1: Make your favourite cake recipe (this is mine), frost it all over then refrigerate.

STEP 2: Make the brushstrokes – melt about 200g of chopped good-quality white chocolate (you’re going to eat it remember, so get the good stuff)

STEP 3: Tint it your desired colours using POWDER FOOD COLOURING. This is really important – the liquid/gel stuff will just cease your chocolate. You can find the powders at any baking shop. And don’t worry, because afterwards you can use the powders to colour frostings, batters, etc.

STEP 4: Drop a teaspoonful of the chocolate onto a silicone baking mat or baking paper, then use the back of the spoon to smear it outwards. Don’t make it too thin or the strokes will crack later. I’ve seen many people using a pastry brush to brush the chocolate but I find it makes them way too thin and they break easily. Allow them to set completely then remove them with a palette knife or sharp knife.

STEP 5: On your already-frosted cake, work from the back and gently press the chocolate brushstrokes into the buttercream. If they don’t stick, simply stick a knife into the cake to create a slot for the chocolate brushstroke to fit into. Continue layering to the front, using blobs of frosting to stick them onto the cake. Refrigerate until ready to serve! Brushstroke cake done -voila!

TIP If you want to add some bling, dust the brushstrokes in gold or metallic dust once they’re set – it would look spectacular on a chocolate cake!


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