If I had to pick one food that completely represented my childhood it would be boiled, tinned caramel (dulce de leche). On the first day of every school holiday, my mother would put 6 tins of condensed milk in a massive pot of boiling water and simmer them away for hours on end until the contents turned golden and caramelised.

Each tin would then get our names scribbled on in permanent marker; Sarah-Jane, Leigh-Anne, Dale, Lynne, Steve and Katelyn before being put in the fridge.  No room for ‘Oh I’m sorry I ate yours – I thought it was mine’ which had been my sneaky plan for years until my mother figured out what I was up to. Once your tin of caramel was finished, that was it. Obviously I finished mine in the first day or two, my sisters however would eat theirs for WEEKS! How is that even possible?!