One of life’s best experiences is eating a still-hot doughnut straight from the deep-fryer. Like chilli it has that pleasure-pain thing going on that just drives me crazy! Hot doughnuts are pretty high on my list of ‘things that I crave the most late at night’ as my husband-to-be can attest to, afterall, it was on one of these craving days that I found out he was a keeper! It was about 10pm on a weeknight and I was tucked up in bed. I casually tossed out a ‘I could kill for a warm doughnut right now’ as if uttering the words out loud would somehow make the craving go away. In my doughnut-lusting state I completely missed him sneaking out the room and it was only when I heard the sound of dough being submerged in hot, bubbling oil that I realised my deep-fried carb dreams (and marriage aspirations) were about to come true! A few minutes later, he presented me with 5 perfect, piping hot, light-as-air doughnuts lightly dusted in cinnamon sugar. While I scoffed them under the duvet covers, I remember thinking that these were the best doughnuts of my life. And this was the best man of my life! While I’ve tried to recreate those 5 perfect doughnuts and been unsuccessful, these do come pretty darn close. Stuff them with raspberry jam or nutella if you wish, but since today is National Milk Tart Day, I thought I’d give them a custardy kick. I hope these make your deep-fried carb dreams come true just like they did mine!