Maltesers, Whispers, Whoppers – malted chocolate puff balls have many names, but I have a special place for the ones we call Chuckles here in South Africa. Mainly because the 40g suggested portion size Woolies has placed on the packet makes me (quite appropriately) LOL for dayz. Do you know how much 40g is?! Not nearly enough.
The most difficult part of making this cake is chopping the malty chocolate balls in half. Warning: they do NOT like being chopped – I had quite a few runners who tried to escape the wrath of my knife. They of course didn’t escape the wrath of being eaten though! Mwahaha.
Note: I give an amount of malty chocolate balls in the ingredient list, but of course, you need to buy double – if you need to know why, then we can’t be friends.
You may also leave out the Amarula; I would replace it with some Milo or hot chocolate powder (Nesquik!) dissolved in a bit of milk. I poured my ice cream mix into a fancy silicone bundt mould, but let’s be honest here, no one will actually care what it looks like once they taste it because all you REALLY need is a spoon!

No-Churn Amarula Ice Cream Cake with Malted Chocolate Balls

Serves 6-8


600ml fresh cream

60ml (1/4 cup) Amarula (optional: use Milo or Hot Chocolate mixed in 60ml milk)

1/2 (400g) tin condensed milk</