Chocolate pudding meets s’mores in this baked dessert that magically splits into a lightly spongy pudding with a chocolate sauce at the bottom. Self-saucing puddings are like the Harry Potter of the pudding world – it’s always so magical making them and as a kid I was always absolutely transfixed when my mom would pour hot water over the top of the pudding batter before putting it into the oven. I thought she was absolutely nuts, but then she’d tell me to wait for the magic to unfold so I’d sit in front of the oven on the kitchen floor and watch how the sauce and pudding swopped places in the oven! Now, I’m typing this and realizing that my mother probably just wanted 15 minutes to herself and me sitting in front of the oven watching a pudding rise was 15 minutes of pure heavenly silence! Hmmm.. I’m going to remember that trick one day!

Our family cookbook is filled with self-saucing puddings – there’s a ginger pud dubbed ‘Family pudding’ that’s spic