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Chocolate Explosion Cake

This chocolate cake is inspired by a piñata – with chocolate balls filled with sprinkles, glitter and sweets so you can smash them all over the cake!

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Christmas Cake Rusks

These Christmas Cake Rusks are packed with dried fruit, nuts, spices, rum and grated marzipan – perfect for adding a festive touch to tea time or to give away as a gift!

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My Christmas Dessert Recipe Round-Up

All my best Christmas dessert and baking recipes including fruitcakes (and non-traditional Christmas cakes), gingerbread houses, trifle, pavlova and mince pies!

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No-Churn Passion Fruit Cheesecake Ice Cream

A 5-Ingredient ice cream that’s not only as easy to make as it is to eat but it combines two desserts in one!

Coffee and Cardamom Instant Soft Serve

This almost-instant soft serve ice cream is made in a food processor or blender – so easy!

Death By Chocolate Freakshakes for Halloween

Death by Chocolate Freakshakes make a witty Halloween dessert – these have espresso syrup and loads of chocolate!

Le Creuset’s New Sorbet Collection

With a colour palette that is just pastel perfection, the new sorbet collection is ice cream goals!


An authentic tiramisu recipe made with layers of espresso-soaked ladyfinger biscuits, cocoa powder and a light, fluffy mascarpone cream – it’s a classic for a reason!

Easy No-Churn Watermelon Sorbet

A ridiculously easy and refreshing no-churn watermelon sorbet that can be made in your blender!

Frozen Chocolate Tiramisu

My favourite Italian dessert gets a chocolate twist and a short stint in the freezer to make it the perfect after-lunch, after-dinner, after-anything dessert.

Peppermint Crisp Tart Milkshake

A decadent peppermint crisp, caramel and biscuit milkshake that will knock the socks off the original tart!

Berry Nice Cream Sandwiches

Yes, you can now have ice cream sandwiches for breakfast because these babies are made with a healthy, instant one-ingredient nice cream which is made in the blender!

Chocolate Amarula Ice Cream Lollies

A smooth, Amarula-loaded no-churn ice cream coated in a homemade ice-cap chocolate sauce. No, this is not a dream.

Instant 3-Ingredient Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

When words like ‘instant’ and ‘3-ingredient’ are thrown around, you know it’s a must-try recipe!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cones

Make an ice cream cone that’s as delicious as the frozen dessert inside it – it’s easier than you think!

No-Churn Amarula Ice Cream Cake with Malted Chocolate Balls

A super-easy no-churn ice cream made with just cream and condensed milk!

Caramel Tiramisu Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze

Layers of homemade ladyfingers soaked in espresso, a soft pillowy caramel mousse and a shiny chocolate mirror glaze make this a Christmas showstopper!

Peppermint Crisp Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches

These peppermint crisp ice cream sandwiches are one of my favourite flavours of South African summer. Inspired by a 'local 'n lekker' dessert, peppermint crisp tart, it is made with only 4 ingredients (like the pudding which inspired it) but is a much better suitor...

Chocolate Peanut Butterscotch Milkshake

Ah freakshakes, how I love thee?! You’re 5 desserts in 1 and that’s probably why you’re so delicious!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake with Raspberries

Layers of chocolate brownie, raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream – basically it’s a tower of happiness!

Jasmine and Coconut Panna Cotta Jellies

There is nothing better than the sweet scent of jasmine – unless it’s in a pretty wobbly jelly, that is!

Caramel Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Lollies

These ice cream popsicles are inspired by a traditional South African favourite – and they only need 4 ingredients!

Brown Butter Pancakes with No-Churn Chestnut Ice Cream

Crispy buttery pancakes topped with an easy soft-serve style chestnut ice cream and spiced pecans

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