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An authentic tiramisu recipe made with layers of espresso-soaked ladyfinger biscuits, cocoa powder and a light, fluffy mascarpone cream – it’s a classic for a reason!

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5-Ingredient Christmas Cake with Gingerbread Houses

My Great Aunty May’s easy, never-fail fruit cake recipe decorated with cute gingerbread house cookies

Caramel Tiramisu Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze

Layers of homemade ladyfingers soaked in espresso, a soft pillowy caramel mousse and a shiny chocolate mirror glaze make this a Christmas showstopper!

Milk Tart Éclair Trifle with Pinotage Jelly and Naartjie Caramel

It’s about time trifle got South African and boy, is this a winner!

Christmas Bun Wreath with Sherry Caramel

Stuffed with marzipan and fruit mince, these sticky buns are drizzled with sherry caramel and perfect for Christmas morning!

Angel Snow Globe Cake with Brandy Butter Frosting

A quick and easy way to decorate a show-stopping Christmas cake – and this one tastes heavenly too!

Meringue Christmas Tree

This Meringue Christmas tree is an impressive table centrepiece that becomes a DIY pavlova for guests at the end of the meal!

Funfetti Gingerbread House

Welcome to the house of fun where the roof has chocolate tiles and the walls are made of lightly spiced gingerbread with loads of sprinkles!

No-Bake Chocolate Christmas Pudding

Packed with chocolate, condensed milk, spiced biscuits, toasted nuts, dried fruit and cherries – this fridge cake is basically muesli!

Spiced Gingerbread Cookies

Whether you’re giving them away or keeping them all to yourself (not judging!), make sure to use THIS recipe – with a touch of Christmas fruit mince

Gluten-Free Christmas Mince Pies

Not only are these for the gluten-intolerant, they’re also for the pastry-intolerant because it’s a flop-proof pastry recipe!

Chocolate Mousse Christmas Fruit Cake

This Christmas cake is a modern twist on a classic with layers of moist chocolate fruit cake, chocolate mousse and a mirror glaze

Vanilla, Olive Oil Nougat with Macadamia Nuts

Learn how to make your own nougat from scratch – it’s easier and more delicious than you think!

Christmas Gingerbread Biscuit Train

Forget gingerbread houses, gingerbread trains are so much cuter – and they’re way more fun to make!

Christmas Mince Pie Hertzoggies

Introducing the South African Mince Pie Hertzoggie – shortcrust pastry, homemade fruit mince and chewy coconut meringue topping!

Christmas Gingerbread Macarons

These macarons look so good, you can hang them on your Christmas tree, and serve them for dessert!

Gingerbread Beach Huts

Because a South African Christmas is all about sun, sea, and beach sand these gingerbread houses are inspired by the famous Muizenberg beach huts in Cape Town

Christmas Gingerbread Cake with Brandy Butter Frosting

Forget dense, heavy fruit cake – this light but complex gingerbread cake is the new Christmas cake in town!

Cheat’s Christmas Almond Croissants

Fancy up store-bought croissants for Christmas breakfast by using a secret pastry chef’s have been keeping for years!

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