It’s been 7 whole years since I launched this ol’ blog. What was then (very boringly) called ‘Katelyn’s Corner’ has turned into my biggest pride and joy. The hours that have gone into shopping, recipe testing, food styling and photographing the recipes on this page can never be tallied – and the calories? Well, those can’t either! So, to celebrate 7th heaven, I baked up the most cheerful cake I could with all my favourite things – splashes of the colours that make me happy, lots of butter and of course, my favourite unrefined sugar!

To say that Natura Sugars is the best sponsor in the world is an understatement – when I took a leap and quit my day job to dedicate all my time to the blog, they supported me. They’ve spoilt me with kilos upon kilos of their delicious, unrefined sugar (my curves thank you) and most importantly, they’ve embraced my whacky ideas and allowed me to create my crazy (sometimes out-there) concoctions. Which brings me to the people that ENJOY my crazy out-there concoctions – YOU! Thank you for all the clicks and the likes and the shares and the drools. In a world of banting, juicing and paleo-bla bla, thank you for sharing in my love of dessert and allowing me to continue making your sweet dreams come true!

Enough with the soppiness, I know you’re really just here for the CAKE! I’ve tinted my go-to mix-it-and-shove-it-in-the-oven-cake a pretty alarming hue of pink and purple and layered the cakes together with buttercream made from Natura Sugars unrefined Demerara Icing Sugar. It’s also got a crazy amount of sprinkles on top. But hey, sprinkles make me happy.