Chocolate fondant, meet your match! Because while we are all fans of you, it’s only because, until now, we had not been introduced to your sexier, rich cousin, the caramelised white chocolate version! And man oh man is this good. You will never go back to the dark chocolate version again! And no it’s not because I have a mild obsession with caramelised white chocolate – which I totally do – I’ve made hot chocolate with it, drizzled it over cakes, and that’s only if I’m not eating is straight as-is. But there’s a reason this pud featured in last month’s Essentials Magazine – because I need to shout the recipe from the roof tops! Btw, from now until December, I’ll be taking over a page of their magazine each month to do a Kate Bakes series so make sure to get the mag each month for a sweet fix!

Unlike conventional lava puddings, this salted caramel version has a nugget of the golden white chocolate inside which takes the guess work out of overbaking them – because there is nothing more disappointing than digging into a lava pudding without the lava! So bake up a batch of these for friends (or just yourself) and put the ‘win’ in winter!