My childhood memories are filled with late-night trips to the shops to buy 4 x Magnum ice creams; white chocolate for my mom, mint crisp for my dad, almond for my sister, and plain for me. The fact that we lived on a farm 10km away from the closest corner shop was not a relevant factor when a craving struck at 8pm after dinner on a Friday night. And so my dad would get in the car and drive to make the women in his life happy (relationship goals, I tell you!). I don’t think there is a South African alive who doesn’t have an extreme soft spot for a Magnum ice cream, so I thought I’d have some fun and create a grown-up version of one of my favourite childhood treats; loaded with Amarula! I can’t really decide what the best part of this lolly is; is it the ridiculously rich and creamy no-churn ice cream in the middle? Or the homemade chocolate ice cap sauce coating that cracks when bite into it? Either parts will change your life.

Chocolate Amarula Ice Cream Lollies

Makes 6-8


600 ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp Amarula (optional)

1 x tin (397g) sweetened condensed milk

200ml cream, whipped


Dark Chocolate Dip (Ice Cap)

200g good-quality dark chocolate, chopped

160g odourless coconut oil


50g milk chocolate, melted, to decorate (optional)


To make the ice cream, whisk the double cream, vanilla, Amarula and condensed milk together until smooth and thickened slightly. Fold in the whipped cream then pour into lolly moulds. Insert wooden popsicle sticks and freeze for about 4 hours or until firm. Make the dip by melting the dark chocolate and coconut oil in a bowl of a saucepan of gently simmering water until melted and smooth. Allow to cool slightly then pour into a drinking glass or jug (to allow for easy dipping). Dip the ice cream mould briefly in hot water to remove the lollies then dip into the melted chocolate. Place on a tray lined with baking paper, drizzle with the melted milk chocolate and quickly put them back in the freezer until firm.




TIP Freeze a baking tray to pop the dipped lollies onto – this will stop them from melting fast on a hot day!

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