If I had to be any dessert in the world, I’d be a freakshake. If you don’t know why then you’re obviously new around here so I’ll just go ahead and introduce myself anyway; Freakshakes are the ultimate anti-diet dessert, they’re totally over-the-top ridiculously decadent and most importantly, they’re the epitome of ‘life’s too short just order the damn dessert’. I love anything that involves 5 desserts in one, and I also love it when I can sip my dessert through a straw – minimum effort for maximum pleasure. Freakshakes seem to have taken over the internet, restaurants and our lives and I’m totally okay with that. Topped with basically every sweet, chocolate, biscuit or sauce you can get your hands on – there’s even a place that tops the milkshake with a HAMBURGER and FRIES! Get outta here. Seriously though, who came up with that? I want to be friends with them.
Something else you won’t say no to is this double thick shake loaded with peanut butter and chocolate. The folks over at First Choice challenged me to create my own take