It’s a new year and that means some things are going to change around here.
I’ve thought really long and hard about this and… I’m going on a diet, people. Yes, the time has come for us to be more healthy. I know, I know, I went kicking and screaming into this decision too! But we really need to suck it up and be strong. Channel that inner will-power and all.
The new Kate Tin diet plan goes something like this; eat more nuts and seeds, more antioxidants, more cholesterol-busting ingredients, fruit, lots of fibre and all those healthy things. Yes, it is as terrible as it sounds – I even had to google the spelling of ‘cholesterol-busting’!
But there’s no use in fighting it, let’s just get this over with, shall we?  The first diet recipe of the year is…

These terribly healthy Condensed milk crunch bars! They’re packed with so many healthy things that after eating just 3, I immediately FELT thinner. True story!

Nuts and seeds TICK, antioxidants (also known as dark chocolate, by the way!) TICK, oats TICK, fruit TICK, fibre TICK. No, the condensed milk, butter and sugar don’t count. They’re cancelled out by all the good stuff – work with me here, people! They even LOOK healthy so no one will ever be suspicious that you’re cheating (just be careful to make sure you don’t look like you’re enjoying them too much).

Although I can’t guarantee that these bars will make you lose weight what you will lose is all sense of restraint because, they are probably the most addictive bars on the planet! The condensed milk gives them a smooth fudgey flavour that’s offset perfectly with the bitter chocolate and of course, all the crunchy healthy things make it okay to have 1 or two extra. And hey, if we really wanted to get technical about it, they could even pass as breakfast bars! 😉

Now, repeat after me: “I can do this!”