Okay, be honest, who of you look at the dessert menu before you order anything? All of you? *Phew* thank goodness, you do it too!  I don’t need to tell you that dessert is the best part of any meal – not only because, well, duh. But also because it’s the last thing you eat, it can make or break a good meal, right? There are way too many restaurants in South Africa that just don’t get this! So, because I believe that life is too short NOT to order dessert (my biggest fear in life is being hit by a bus and thinking, damn I should’ve had that extra scoop of ice cream!) I’m starting a brand new series on the blog. Introducing… Dessert First! This is where I will be featuring all the places that get pudding right – the places that you can go to for a sweet fix because, although I’m obsessed with baking, something the quickest way to sort out a craving is by getting in your car and driving to it!

Dipping things in chocolate is a favourite past-time of mine – you could say I’m an expert in it. So much so that my 13th birthday party was a chocolate fondue midnight feast (which I think my mother still has nightmares about) – good times, good times. Anyway, so when I found out the One & Only Hotel is offering chocolate fondues in winter I just new I had to go and show off my skills – I’m an overachiever like that. Their new pastry chef, Kyle Hickman has put his spin on the chocolate fondue by mixing dark and milk chocolate (two chocolate’s are always better than one, I say!) and adding a dash of orange zest which ramps up the flavour, cuts the richness and b