My Sugar; where getting your face on a doughnut is totally normal and chocolates are shaped into robots and Buddha’s.


With Friday 1st June being International Doughnut Day and My Sugar casually printing faces on doughnuts, the universe was clearly telling me to cancel my plans and so, I willingly complied. Not that it involved much persuasion.  

This is how I met co-owners Kaylah Greenberg and Asher Isaacs who are just as sweet as the treats they so lovingly serve up. This barely three-year-old coffee and chocolate shop, leaves you feeling like you’ve just dived into dessert heaven and you absolutely never want to come out. With chocolate dripping from the roof (literally) and doughnut-laden countertops, all my dessert dreams had just come true.

Although the display cases at My Sugar were packed with interesting chocolate-shaped treats, I only had eyes for the over-the-top-filled-to-the-brim doughnuts, because one simply cannot celebrate D-Day sans doughnut. Stuffed with salted caramelised white chocolate mousse and generously topped with their famous pretzel bark, the pretzel doughnut didn’t just have my name on it – it had my face on it! Literally. They printed my face on the doughnut – how cool?! With all the other doughnuts in tow (and a few friends to help me ‘research’), I happily trotted over to a table to get ready for the long-awaited tasting celebration. I especially loved the doughnut topped with a mini macaron doughnut because doughnut-ception is a real thing.

Although they look like the happy cousin of a freakshake, these doughnuts aren’t just all sugar. They’re so well-balanced and don’t leave you regretting your decision to devour three in the time span of 5 minutes. So skip lunch, grab a group of friends and share the doughnuts so you can get a taste of each delicious flavour – but, don’t forget to leave without a box of chocolates to gobble up on your own later because life’s too short to share My Sugar chocolate treats!

My Sugar

Address: 77 Regent road, Sea Point, Cape Town

Times: Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6:30pm Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am-8pm.

Prices: R35 for a doughnut,  R17 for coffee, R5 for face printing, chocolates from R15 ,R45 for milkshakes 

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