‘Who is making your wedding cake?!’ was the question I was asked a gajillion times a week during the run-up to the big day. I suppose when a cake-obsessed, dessert guzzler like myself marries an ex-pastry chef turned chocolate maker, well, then people think about these kinds of things! The answer? Well, duh we’re making our own wedding cake!
Some brides stress about the dress. Others agonize over the decor or stationery. Not me – I was all about the cake! So there are a few reasons we decided to make it ourselves: One, I was NOT going to have one of those piece-of-art, Pinterest-worthy cakes that look incredible but taste like cardboard. There is nothing more disappointing in life than dry cake and I was not about to start married life with one – oh hell no.

Secondly, why do we have to wait until right at the end of the day to cut the cake? Life’s too short… So we ate the cake first. Jip, straight after the ceremony, the bubbly flowed and we all scoffed ourselves silly on cake. And thirdly, I wanted the first thing we did as husband and wife to be special, and there is nothing we enjoy more than baking which is how we decided to assemble our wedding cake, live, right there in front of our guests. Eeeek!

The cake itself, was the first recipe Chocolate Maker and I baked together. Raspberry is my favourite flavour, while lemon is his and the buttercream is scented with vanilla and spiced rum we brought back from our recent trip to Mauritius. The lemons may or may not have come from my neighbours lemon tree (this is not a confession!). Obviously we couldn’t make the wedding cake on the day of the wedding (we made it the day before), so to keep it super moist, we soaked each layer in a tangy lemon syrup – it’s a secret baking weapon that makes all the difference!
I decorated it with olive branches to bring in a bit of Italy (since I am now, half-Italian afterall!), lemon branches and pomegranates from the Riebeek Kasteel area. The cake was perfect – fragrant, moist, not too sweet and was the perfect pairing for the Ayama MCC (my favourite bubbly!).