Chocolate, coffee and toast? Sounds like a pretty normal breakfast for me! But because mornings are rushed and crazy why not have them all at once? Introducing Nutella’s caffeine-fueled (more delicious) cousin, spiked with coffee and coconut oil (no palm oil, thanks!) and toasty hazelnuts. And it’s as easy as chucking some things in a blender!
The best part about this recipe, is that you can tailor it to make whatever you like – use odourless coconut oil to make it more chocolatey, add more coffee if you like, swop out the nuts for almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts and switch up the honey by using maple syrup or agave. This spread can be as naughty or healthy as you want it to be – I prefer naughty, but that’s no surprise!
Tell me in the comments below (or on this Facebook post): What is the naughtiest breakfast food you’ve ever had? You could win a Defy Breakfast Pack consisting of a Red Sense kettle and toaster valued at R1300. (entries for S