This chocolate cake recipe is legendary in the Williams household.
It was the first thing I learnt to bake, probably the only reason we owned a microwave and definitely one of the last things I want to eat on this earth.
The sponge is light as a feather and has been layered into birthday cakes, baked into a bundt and glazed with chocolate icing for bible studies, and poured into slabs and topped with swirls of tinned caramel for school fundraisers. It can be a cupcake, a swiss roll – and now, a lamington!

Start to finish? These lamingtons will take you 30 minutes flat (if that).  Or your money back. Jokes! But seriously, just chuck everything in a bowl.  Whisk. Microwave. Dip. Roll. Eat. Repeat. (The eating part, that is)
The recipe is really so easy that I’ve memorised it. Which is pretty handy, you know for cake emergencies and all.
I’ve made mine pretty (‘cos I love pretty things – yes, even my lamingtons) by baking them in heart-shaped silicone moulds which you can buy super-cheap nowadays but you can simply bake the batter in a silicone muffin tray, or a microwave-safe dish and then cut them out with cutters or keep them in blocks.