You may have noticed that I LOVE taking traditional South African recipes and giving them a fresh new twist. There isn’t a South African worth their slip slops that will refuse a scoop of peppermint crisp tart at a braai and when I tried to explain this to Italian fiance his reaction was ‘What is peppermint crisp?’ All of my outrage aside, I had not realised until this moment, that the rest of the earth lives in a world without this glorious confection! Can you just imagine? Shame.  But don’t sympathise too long because what this means, is that there’s more for us. Yay.
I was given this sexy-looking Zoku Slush & Shake maker in September and have been patiently waiting for the perfect scorcher of a day to take it for a spin. This weekend, it finally happened. Thirty degree heat and I was happy, ‘cos I could make my decadent milkshake (which is my take on the peppermint crisp tart) and has been in the back of my mind all along.  The best part of this milkshake, is that it takes forever to melt because it’s made in this clever little gadget. You freeze the core of the Zoku (I just keep it in my freezer so when the urge arises, I can whip up a slushie or milkshake) then just pore in your milk mixture or fruit juice and in minutes, it freezes in front of your eyes. You can even add a little bit of booze… I’ll just let that sink in while your mind whirls with all the delicious icy possibilities it can create. Magic stuff. And such a great Christmas gift *hint hint*.

Peppermint crisp tart shakes

Serves 2


1 cup vanilla ice cream

180ml milk

1-2 tbsp caramel

1 peppermint crisp bar, crushed plus extra for garnish

Crushed coconut biscuits, to garnish


Blend the ice cream, milk and caramel until smooth then stir in the crushed peppermint crisp. Pour into the Zoku Slush & Shake and stir until thick. Serve garnished with peppermint crisp pieces and coconut biscuits.


*This post has been sponsored by the awesome people at Zoku who make an array of gadgets to whip up icy delights! Visit their website here or like the Facebook page for more yummy recipes. You can find the Slush & Shake makers at Boardmans, @Home and CNA stores or at