What’s the best way to make sure you eat your 5-a-day? Stick them in a cake! Hidden vegetable cakes are big this year so whether you’re tucking bright pink beetroot into a red velvet cake, grating courgettes into a carrot cake, adding mashed potato to chocolate cake (this is apparently a thing) or opting for sweet potato like my recipe below, the results are always deliciously moist and healthy (well, sort of!).

This is hands-down one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever made. It’s gently spiced, buttery, light, not too sweet and the sweet potato gives it a lovely moist texture. You could swop out the sweet potato with pumpkin or mashed butternut – I think that would be equally delish.  The brown sugar frosting is something a little different, using Muscovado sugar, which is caramelly and rich, imparts a crazy-good