Tin Roof Cheesecake

Sometimes, our favourite foods have really weird names. Case in point: Tin roof ice cream. Who the heck decided that chocolate + peanuts = tin roof?! I mean, I’m bad at math but seriously? Apparently someone thought that the sound peanuts made when they fall out of the tin (obviously back in the day when plastic didn’t exist), made them think of rain on a tin roof. Dunno about you, but peanuts rolling out of a tin sounds like dinnertime to me. And speaking of dinnertime – CHEESECAKE!

A slice of Tin Roof Cheesecake
You know why I love cheesecake? Because it’s both cheese and cake. (Hey, you asked) And because I love it so much, I shall cover it in all sorts of delicious and wondrous things! Tin roof ice cream was a favourite of mine as a kid – and I’m pretty sure we all have our childhood memories of the flavour so this cheesecake is packed with peanut and chocolate nostalgia which basically means it’s oozing chocolate sauce and crammed full of chocolate-coated peanuts. Did I mention the toffee sauce?
Soft brown sugar makes the best caramel sauce
Because I always go next-level, I do it for you,