You see that nibbled cookie there in the back? Now let me tell you something about food stylists, most of them would carefully break off a piece of said cookie to look like someone had taken a bite out of it, they would then meticulously arrange the crumbs with tweezers to look like they accidentally tumbled from the cookie. Er, yeah… that’s totally what I did… JOKES!
Are you kidding me?! The best way to make a cookie LOOK like it’s had a big bite taken out of it is to TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT. And also, I ate a ton of these cookies while shooting them. The batch didn’t make 9, I just ate so many that there were only 9 left…
 Oh you want to know about the cookie? Of course you do! Because you want to eat way too many like I did. That’s why you’re here! This recipe is my twist on Christina Tosi’s childhood chocolate chip cookie.  Christina Tosi, incase you don’t know, is the sweet genius behind Momofuko Milk Bar in the US. I haven’t met her, but I just know we would be baking besties.
For me, the perfect chocolate chip cookie has firstly, more chocolate chips than cookie and secondly, is crispy on the outside but chewy in the middle. This is ALL of those things!  Chris (my baking bestie) uses milk powder in her recipe, I swapped mine for Horlicks (because I basically keep them in business with my addiction) and I revved up the chocolate chips. And I really mean revved, because I used three kinds; white, caramel and milk chocolate. Good things always come in three’s, people.
Also, imagine Astro’s or Smarties in these? Or Chuckles?
Now, go forth and bake cookies!