I don’t like waffles – there I said it! Although let me clarify that – I don’t like hot waffles topped with ice cream that melts and makes the aforementioned waffle soggy. Which is exactly why these ice cream sandwiches hit my sweet spot – and this honeyscotch sauce? People, you’re going to want to put it on absolutely everything. Including just a spoon. Or toast. I’m open to suggestions.

But I hear you still shouting at me in caps lock – BUT WHY DON’T YOU LIKE WAFFLES?! Well, this is the story of how I unwittingly became the waffle queen of Paarl and also why I can’t stand hot waffles. I was fresh out of chef school with a yearning to do desserts as fancy and complicated as possible – excited to be working in the pastry kitchen of the Grande Roche hotel in Paarl which was, at that time, the best restaurant in Africa. I remember thinking how I was going to create chocolate masterpieces with ridiculously difficult curls and piping and creams and espumas – plated desserts which looked like they’d come straight from a Michelin-star restaurant. But, on my first day there, I was told to make waffles – in a blender. I was mortified and disappointed. I was also young and naïve because in a big fine-dining restaurant with a kitchen of 40 chefs, as a below-junior chef (what is called a commis) I should’ve known that I would get every job that nobody else wanted to do. Peeling potatoes, cleaning fish, cutting vegetables into ridiculously tiny little cubes (which would later just be put in a blender), washing herbs, chopping chocolate and of course, making the waffles which the rich kids ordered when they didn’t want anything ‘fancy’ for dessert. I remember thinking to myself that I might as well have gone to work in a Milky Lane.